(1) 2012 - January 2020 

Nadine Green’s downtown Kitchener convenience store became an unofficial shelter, where Nadine fed and housed several dozen people experiencing homelessness.

(5) March 2021  

Volunteers steadily increased and delivery grew to about 50 recipients. The group became 'Going Mobile KW'. Tiny Home Takeout provides a daily bite meal.

(2) January 20, 2020

Nadine was evicted from the store at the beginning of the pandemic for behaving like a residence. She prepared food at a friend's house, and delivered it the people who she formerly fed at her store.

(6) January 2022 

Going Mobile KW continues to grow and feeds 100+ people daily


(3) February 2020 

A friend prepared ten lunch bags 3-4 nights a week and placed them on her front porch for Nadine to also deliver when she checked on the unsheltered battling hunger in our community.

(7) May 2022 

Tiny Home Takeout and Going Mobile KW expand partnership to bring more food to those in need

(4) March 2020 

Others heard about the duo's efforts, and wanted to be a part of it, starting with helping with baking and supplies. A Facebook Group called 'Beautiful Souls Battling Hunger in KW' was formed.

(8) November 2022 - Present 

Tiny Home Takeout provides all prepared food.

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Primary: To provide a meal to people experiencing homelessness 5 days a week

Secondary: To provide life's basic necessities to the unsheltered and those in need such as clothing, and warmth items.